Students of OMTA teachers have the option of participating in Syllabus, a music evaluation program in which students are tested on their mastery of various musical concepts. These concepts are divided into 10 levels of difficulty and include music theory, sight reading, rhythm reading, repertoire, and technique. It is open to students studying classical piano, organ, strings, voice, woodwinds, guitar, harp, and jazz. A student prepares for the exam by studying the Syllabus curriculum, which can be provided by your OMTA teacher.

The Syllabus evaluation is designed to motivate students to achieve musical goals. Each student is tested one-on-one by a master teacher, who provides a written critique of the student’s performance. Students who complete the evaluation are awarded a merit certificate. The evaluations are held in private music studios and schools throughout Portland and its surrounding suburbs.

If you would like your child to participate in Syllabus, talk to your OMTA teacher.

Super Scales a la Syllabus

OMTA teachers Donna Byars and Eileen Knox have made it easier than ever for students to prepare for Syllabus. The “Super Scales a la Syllabus” books feature detailed scores of all the theory your students need to know, from scales to chord progressions. Books covering Levels 1-10 are available. To order, visit the Marketplace on the OMTA state website and click “Syllabus: Super Scales a la Syllabus.”